Anglica Wratislaviensia

57, 2019


Pages: 232

(Unknown author)

The Contemporary British-Jewish Family and the Significance of Its Confines...
(Anita Chmielewska)

Narrating Chaos: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s "DICTEE" and Korean American Fragm...
(Dominika Ferens)

Frozen Time in Gustav Deutsch’s "Shirley: Visions of Reality"
(Sonia Front)

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56, 2018


Pages: 352

Strony redakcyjne i spis treści
( )

Proletarian Philosophy in Selected Plays by Ola Rotimi
(Victoria O. Adeniyi)

“Prisoners of the Earth, come out”: Links and Parallels between William Bur...
(Anna Białkowska)

Facepoeia: The Author Becoming a Photographic Subject. The Example of Tadeu...
(Teresa Bruś)

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55, 2017


Strony redakcyjne i spis treści
( )

“Singularities” in and as “the world”: What Happens in Shakespeare
(Rowland Cotterill)

“Though I was alone with the unseen, I comprehended it not”: The Relationsh...
(Ilona Dobosiewicz)

Hélène Cixous’s „The Exile of James Joyce”: A Biographical Limit Case
(Eva C. Karpinski)

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54, 2016


Strony redakcyjne i spis treści
( )

The Conceptualisation of Argument in Writing for Academic Purposes
(Svetoslava Antonova-Baumann)

Politicising Euripides: A Mouthful of Birds by Caryl Churchill and David La...
(Aleksandra Kamińska)

The Influence of Short-term International Intensive Programme on Student Te...
(Anna Czura, Joanna Pfingsthorn)

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53, 2015


Strony redakcyjne i spis treści
( )

In memoriam Docent dr Maria Gottwald (1924–2015)
(Jan Cygan)

The Morality Play Revisited in Margaret Edson’s Wit
(Ewa Błasiak)

Oscar Wilde’s Renaissance References: Neo-Platonism, Hermeticism and Manner...
(Anna Budziak)

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52, 2014


Strony redakcyjne i spis treści
( )

Robert Anson Heinlein: An Overlooked Sci-Fi Beatnik
(Jakub Krogulec)

Humanity Scripts in Doris Lessing’s The Marriages between Zones Three, Four...
(Mateusz Marecki)

The Other Face of the Sinful Brotherhood of Man — Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Eth...
(Mariusz Marszalski)

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51, 2013


Strony redakcyjne i spis treści
( )

The Everyday in Humphrey Spender’s Worktown Mass Observation Photographs
(Teresa Bruś)

The Implications of Transtextuality in V.S. Naipaul’s The Middle Passage: T...
(Zuzana Klímová)

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Good Life Ethics
(Mariusz Marszalski)

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50, 2012


(Anna Michońska-Stadnik)

Pat Barker’s Double Vision and Life Class: Revisioning Trauma in Narratives...
(Aylin Atilla)

The Setting Sun of British Decadence: Material and Formal Aspects of the Te...
(Anna Budziak)

Marina Warner: Mythology, Fairy Tale and Realism
(Milada Franková)

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49, 2011


When the Self Portrays the Self: Composite Portraiture
(Teresa Bruś)

T.S. Eliot's Debt to Oscar Wilde: The Paradox of (Im)Personality
(Anna Budziak)

"To Be Made Perfect": Transformed World Orders in Gloria Whelan's "Fruitlan...
(Blanka Grzegorczyk)

Farewell to the City, Farewell to Us: Essays by Milena Jesenská and Virgini...
(Tina Oziewicz)

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48, 2010


A Hiatus Between Places: Stephen Spender and David Hockney's
(Teresa Bruś)

"Doubling the Point. Essays and Interviews" as J.M. Coetzee's Intellectual ...
(Anna Izabela Cichoń)

Locating the Country/City Dichotomy in the Plays of Martin Crimp
(Ewa Kębłowska-Ławniczak)

What Do the Americans Do Abroad, or Saul Bellow and Globalization
(Justyna Kociatkiewicz)

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47, 2009


Fictions of Western Hypermasculinity and Freedom: A. Proulx’s "Close Range:...
(Elżbieta Klimek-Dominiak)

Telling a Small Place: Gloria Naylor’s Negotiations with Ethnography in "Ma...
(Dominika Ferens)

A Crime Story or Metafi ctional Game? – A Definition and Redefinition of th...
(Joanna Stolarek)

On Translating the Greek Aorist into English
(Piotr Blumczyński)

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46, 2008


Caroline Kirkland’s 'A New Home: Who’ll Follow?' as the Pioneer Realist Rep...
(Elżbieta Klimek-Dominiak)

Alchemical Imagery in Three of Donne’s Eschatological Poems: 'Valediction: ...
(Ludmiła Makuchowska)

Robinson Jeffers’ Poetry – from Deep Experience to Deep Ecology
(Mariusz Marszalski)

A Utopian Project of Identity: the Case of Helena Modrzejewska
(Katarzyna Nowak)

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