Anglica Wratislaviensia, 52, 2014, ss.164

Strony redakcyjne i spis treści

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Literature and Culture

Robert Anson Heinlein: An Overlooked Sci-Fi Beatnik

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Beat Generation, science fiction, Golden Age, post-war literature, counter-culture, nonconformity

Humanity Scripts in Doris Lessing’s The Marriages between Zones Three, Four, and Five and The Cleft

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Doris Lessing, The Marriages, The Cleft, humanity scripts, cognitive schema, social criticism

The Other Face of the Sinful Brotherhood of Man — Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Ethical Measure of Humanity

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Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Romanticism, ethics, good and evil, radical evil

In-between Wor(l)ds: Spectrality in Banville’s Eclipse and Beckett’s Fiction

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Banville, Beckett, Derrida, hauntology, liminality, spectrality

George Berkeley’s Esse Est Percipi and Martin Buber’s I-Thou Relationship in Samuel Beckett’s Oeuvre

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Beckett, drama, Berkeley, Buber, philosophy


Two Syntactic Strategies to Derive Deadjectival Nominals

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deadjectival nominals, word formation, Distributed Morphology, German, Greek, Romanian

Semantic Change in the Domain of Modality: English "must" and Polish "musieć"

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epistemic meaning, deontic meaning, grammaticalisation, subjectification, semantic change

More on the Rhotic Tap and the Implications of Its Structure

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rhotics, tap, vocalic elements, constriction, syllabic consonant, acoustic phonetics

The Relationship between Ambiguity Tolerance and Success in Reading Comprehension in a Foreign Language

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ambiguity tolerance, reading comprehension, making predictions, skimming, scanning, success in foreign language learning

Attributions in High and Low Willingness to Communicate in L2

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attributions, willingness to communicate in L2, communication, locus of control, stability, controllability

The Influence of Direct and Indirect Feedback on Accuracy in the Production of Selected Grammar Structures in Written Compositions

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accuracy, corrective feedback, error, error correction, formal instruction, learners’ preference of feedback


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